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When we help you produce

Industry Recognition


PRODUCE - how do we do it. Every fiscal quarter Our Kreativ board shall pick and choose 3 scripts in various genres or per sale capita to put onto a production slate. Our highly established board comprises of a multi-award-winning production company, based out of Vancouver and Dubai.


With a wealth of experience in the fields of Film, Design and Production, we Kreate with an edge. Some notable productions we have been a part of The misfits (Releasing 2021), Fast and Furious 7, Star Trek Beyond, Deadpool 2 and Skyfall.


Our experience and passion have taken us all over the world winning awards in Los Angeles, Kolkata, Dubai, London and New York. Over the years our Kreators have established relationships across various platforms and businesses within the entertainment, commercial and retail industries.


We strive to make your dreams come to life, we are the 'Kreators of the Unknown‘.

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