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What is the Kreativ Lab?

Kreativ Lab is a platform that helps you publish your script as a book and with its success helps you take it forward to the screen.


What is the process of publishing my script as a book?

Once we receive your script (in MSWord format), we forward it to our quality team. Once accepted the script is sent to our IT team for setting it as a book and to design a book cover. Once this is done the book is ready for publishing and sale.


Where all would my books be listed for sale?

Your book will be available for sale worldwide through major online platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Flipkart, Wordery, Alibris, Ebay etc


Which format would my book be published in?

The book will be published in a Paperback and eBook format.


Is this a self-publishing platform?

No, we are not a self-publishing platform. A self-publishing company publishes each and every manuscript they receive without vetting its content. Whereas we only publish movie scripts as a book and also help you achieve your goal to release it as a film.


I am a movie script writer; how does it help me to publish a book?

Every year we come across many script writers whose scripts have so much potential but only due to not having enough experience they just lie in the shelfs or their computers. Whereas we help you to research the marketability of your script by publishing it as a book and ebook and making it available to a global audience. So next time you send your script to any production house, it is backed with your book’s success story.


How does my script get selected for a movie?

Every fiscal quarter Our Kreativ board shall pick and choose 3 scripts in various genres or per sale capita to put onto a production slate.


Do you guarantee any minimum sales for my book?

We take your project to the best available platforms, but the only guarantee of minimum sales is the quality of your work.


Do you guarantee that if I get published by script will be made into a movie?

We do send the scripts to our various channel partners who have been in the business for more than 30 years, but, again, the only guarantee of your work is its quality.


What is the deal with Plans offered?

There are two major costs associated with any book, the pre-publishing cost and the printing cost. Our Packages have been created to offer you the quality of a traditional publisher. To this extent, we only charge you for the services we offer. 


Who owns rights to my script?

You and only you retain all the copyrights to your work. We only help you as a brand to reach out to the world for you. Your arrangement with us is totally non-exclusive and non-binding.


How will I know how many books have been sold?

Every month by or before the 15th, we would provide you sales report along with your earnings for the previous month. For e.g. you would receive a report on or before 15th August a sales report for the sales done in July.


Will I receive post publishing support?

At the Kreativ Lab, we strive to keep all our writers completely satisfied with our services. You will receive support from our Support Team for all your post publishing queries over e-mail or phone, as applicable.

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